We have seen tremendous growth and development in our city in the last few years. It has changed the landscape of Draper. We have a growing list of serious challenges that are now facing our beautiful city.


​​​There is an immediate need for a new vision and style of management to run our local government. While the current members of the City Council fit the needs of the city for the past multiple terms, recent decisions regarding zoning, land use, city planning, traffic control, schools, and safety have shown a lack of adequate leadership and sensibility. 

I promise to dedicate one term of hard work and diligence to deliver your VOICE to the way our city business is conducted. It is time to bring change. It is time to bring business, economic, and common sense to our city council.

Thank you for your support!

​Why do you need me in the Draper City Council?

Mani  Grewal  For  Draper  City  Council

Bringing business, economic, and common sense.

Tel. 801-895-5550

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